February 25, 2023

Talk on nuances and implications of policy making


Policy making provides an opportunity for students of management to play the role of leaders who can frame the issue and present a practical way to address it. Dr Joe Thomas, an accomplished institution builder, academician, diplomat and a global leader in public health, rights and social development drawing from his multifaceted experience brought forth the expectations from managers involved in policy making with examples. He observed that while being value oriented, how the policies are made and perceived is equally important. He said that “we are our own ambassadors'' with a mission and a vision. With the example of the Indian health sector when seen in the context of legal boundaries and the concept of family physician in India and abroad, he pointed out that India can’t afford the longer duration of postgraduate qualification to manage primary health care centers. Nuances like the mistake of naming any disease as lifestyle disease, perception, cost entailed and the practical interests that are addressed are taken into account in policy making according to him. Transformation from manager to leaders, the importance of policy making and the perception while making the policy were discussed at the CXO talk organized by the department of MBA on February 23, 2023 at RR campus.