March 03, 2023

Words based contest


Participants competed in three rounds centered around the theme of “big words”. The first round required the participants to use a long word provided to form smaller, meaningful words, which could either be in English or the Romanised form of words from other languages. The second round tested the pronunciation skills of the participants in which they were given a series of words, in various languages, that they were to attempt to pronounce, with points being awarded to the participant with the most authentic pronunciation. This round also involved bonus points for correctly deducing the language of origin of the given word. The final round consisted of two parts. In the first part, the participants were shown a series of words while they were supposed to identify which words were real and which ones were made up. In the second part, they were given a definition and had to figure out which word of the options given was the one being defined in the question. Rohit Shaji won the first prize followed by Srijan Badhya and Snehalatha Patil in the Big Words contest organized by Linguista! Club on March 1, 2023.