January 14, 2023

Datathon Event Organized by Department of Computer Applications Focuses on Water Resource Suitability @ PESU


Students Collaborate in Hackathon-style Competition to Tackle Machine Learning Problem 

The Department of Computer Applications successfully hosted a Datathon event on January 12, 2023, which witnessed the coming together of students from the department to work on a critical machine learning project. Held at the Golden Jubilee block, the event featured a hackathon-style format, with participants given a problem statement to work on throughout the day.

The problem was released on the Kaggle website, challenging students to predict the suitability percentage of water resources for human well-being using machine learning concepts and tools. The participants, fueled by their passion for technology, worked tirelessly on their projects, showcasing their skills in a competitive environment.

The event's main objective was to focus on a machine learning problem with real-world implications, emphasizing the importance of data-driven solutions for societal challenges. Participants were encouraged to think creatively and explore various algorithms and techniques to achieve the highest accuracy in their predictions.

Judging for the Datathon was based on the accuracy of the predictions, with the winning team earning bragging rights for their exceptional problem-solving skills. The event was a resounding success, bringing together students from the Department of Computer Applications to collaborate and learn from one another.

The Datathon provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to not only showcase their abilities but also learn from their peers. The hands-on experience of working on a complex machine learning problem helped students gain valuable insights and develop their expertise in the field.