January 16, 2023

Spring Boot Workshop Organized by Department of Computer Applications Offers Hands-On Experience to Students


The Department of Computer Applications organized a Spring Boot workshop on January 13, 2023, led by Mr. Vamsi, Senior Architect at Uttunga Technologies, Bangalore. The workshop aimed to introduce students to the Spring framework and its capabilities for building efficient and robust web applications. 

More than a hundred students from the Computer Applications department attended the workshop, which focused on providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the Spring Boot framework. Participants were introduced to the ease of use and capabilities of Spring Boot in building web applications and were given hands-on experience in creating a simple web application using the framework. 

The six-hour workshop consisted of a theoretical session followed by a practical session. Mr. Vamsi began by introducing the students to Spring Boot, the basics of the Spring Framework, and its role in web development. A hands-on session followed, which covered Spring Boot and its dependencies, such as starter-web and Thymeleaf. During this session, students created a form and connected it to a MySQL database. 

Student evaluations were based on their participation in the hands-on sessions and their understanding of the topics covered during the workshop. The overall feedback from the students was positive, and they found the workshop to be informative and useful. The workshop helped to improve the student's understanding of the Spring Framework and its role in web development, equipping them with the knowledge and experience to build their own web applications using Spring Boot in the future..