April 29, 2023

The Symposium on Career Opportunities in Performing Arts @ PESU


The symposium on career opportunities in performing arts was organised by the department of performing arts on April 8, 2023 in TDM studio. 

The symposium was inaugurated by chief guest Praveen D Rao and guest of honour Shashidhar Adapa, Dr KS Sridhar, Registrar, PES University, Dr V. Krishna, Advisor, Department of Performing Arts, Dean student affairs PES University and Dr Sushma S V, Professor, Department of Performing Arts.

Dr V Krishna welcomed all the dignitaries. A preamble about the symposium was given to the audience. Chief guest Praveen D Rao and guest of Honour Shashidhar Adapa spoke about the importance of the symposium.

Mansi Prasad, a renowned Musicologist and musician was the first speaker. She started with a question about what is happening around us? What is the relevance of what we are doing? She also spoke about the importance of organising, communicating and collaborating with others. She concluded by saying that there are opportunities in the field of music if one has the skill of collaboration and communication. 

Abhishek Iyengar, playwright, and creative director of we move theatre spoke about how theatre can be used in the corporate sector. He shared his experience and spoke about how he followed his passion and possible to build a theatre company.

Dr Varadharangan, a musician, the first creator of synthetic mridangam and tabla in the world. He spoke about the opportunities available for a performing artist. He emphasized that the career can be built based on the mission and Passion of the individual performing artist. He explained that he has a love for nature and animals, he was made to think and come up with an idea to start a synthetic mridangam and tabla, which has become his career now.

Varijasree, the renowned musician and Flautist Musicologist, spoke about having strong classical base training to be successful in the field of music. She spoke about the importance of collaborating with other organisations & artists. She also mentioned that, though we can fly high, staying with our roots is very important.

Dr V Krishna chaired this session and thanked all the speakers of the first session.

The second session was started by Nirupama Rajendra's ( renowned Dancer, choreographer) talk. She spoke about how art has to be loved by an artist and how focus and passion will take an artist to higher heights. She also spoke about when to work for profit, when to work for passion, how to be commercial.

Shashidhar Adapa renowned Art Director, Organizer Spoke about the backstage work. The opportunities prevailing in back stage work like stage design, Light Design, Makeup and costume designing. By sharing his experience he made the audience understand the opportunities prevailing in the industry.

Sri Praveen D Rao Renowned Musicologist, Music composer spoke about the mindset a performing artist should have while working. An artist should be multitasking, he should have the skills which makes him different from others. An artist should gain trust. An artist will be invited/ given work if people feel that the artist is trustworthy and talented.

Smt Sunetra Pandit ( renowned actress) spoke about her struggle and experience in the field of acting. How she got new opportunities like dubbing, casting director as she was open to accepting different job profiles. She said that the main skill an artist should possess is trust. She concluded by saying that even if the artist is talented he/she should be trustworthy and have the skill of adaptation.

Dr Sushma S V chaired this session and thanked all the speakers of the second session.