Department of CSE-Boot strap -2023

Department of CSE-Boot strap -2023

Design thinking is a systematic approach to problem-solving which helps the students to develop practical innovative solutions for difficult and ambiguous real-world problems. It focuses on need finding, understanding, creating, thinking, and doing. At the core of this process is a bias towards action and creation. With a special focus on Computer Science, this hands-on workshop delivered hackathon-style promises to change the way of thinking and at last a student ends up with an exciting start-up idea during the workshop.

This workshop is conducted by the Dept of CSE for all the 1st year students of all branches every year. This event is conducted by Mr Aayush Agrawal, Alumni, Dept of ISE(2010-14) for a period of five days starting from Aug 28, 2023. Students are divided into groups based on the color code and a total of approximately 500+ students are made to participate per day for the event.

Prof. Raghu B A coordinated the event.

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  • August 30, 2023
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