A Musical Extravaganza - Chords 2023 at PES University

A Musical Extravaganza - Chords 2023 at PES University

PES University organized Chords, an extraordinary musical event on November 17, 2023. Orchestrated by Team Ninaada. The evening seamlessly blended classical and contemporary melodies, offering a diverse musical experience to a captivated audience.

The event opened with a warm introduction and ceremonial lamp lighting by Honourable Pro Chancellor Prof. D. Jawahar, Dr. V. Krishna (Dean of Student Affairs), Shyam Krishna Sateesh, and Nidhi Singh (Student Coordinators of Ninaada).

The classical music segment showcased an instrumental ensemble and captivating performances by female and male vocalist duet, highlighting the rich tradition of classical music.

The Bollywood and Sandalwood Extravaganza,  over 50 performers, an amalgamation of musicians, vocalists from Team Ninaada, and dancers from Team Sanskrithi and Team Trance, creating an electric atmosphere on stage.

The performance received a thunderous applause from the audience.

Dr. V. Krishna, Dean of Student Affairs, commended the organizing team for their meticulous efforts, expressing admiration for the showcased talent. Dr. K. S. Sridhar, the Registrar, emphasized the significance of cultural events in fostering a vibrant campus community.

Team Ninaada acknowledges the invaluable support of Dr. M. R. Doreswamy, Honourable Chancellor, Prof. D. Jawahar, Pro Chancellor, and Dr. J. Suryaprasad, Vice Chancellor of the University. Dr. K. S. Sridhar (Registrar), Dr. V. Krishna (Dean of Student Affairs), and Dr. Keshavan B. K. (Dean of Engineering) were present on the occasion.