The joy of giving back to society: Dr. M.R. Doreswamy

The joy of giving back to society: Dr. M.R. Doreswamy

As part of the Bharat Unleashed program - golden jubilee celebrations of PES Institutions, day 4 of the four-day event had the theme: Entrepreneurial ecosystem: Accelerating the path to sustainability. Mrs Sudha Murthy, released the book ‘Kanasu nanasayitu’ (ಕನಸು ನನಸಾಯಿತು), an auto-biography of Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Founder-Chairman, PES Institutions and Honourable Chancellor of PES University.

In his presidential speech, Dr. M.R. Doreswamy said that we need to cultivate the habit of giving back to society when we have acquired ourselves as much as we have received from society.  He fondly recollected the encouragement and support he received from his uncle to pursue his studies by moving to Bangalore. He appreciated Mrs. Sudha Murthy and Mr. Mekin Maheswari, an alumnus of PES for their philanthropy of giving back to society. Dr. Doreswamy advised students to aim high in life and adopt values in life. He informed the gathering that He wrote his autobiography in Kannada because it was Karnataka which has made him what he is today.

As part of the speaker’s conclave, Mr. Sai Deepak Jayakumar, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, said that three Cs are essential to accelerate the sustainability in the entrepreneurship are, culturally oriented, conscious and competence factors. He advised students to indigenous in their thoughts and choose the entrepreneurial path. Shri Sai Deepak noted that sustainable development is part of the Eastern culture, which needs to be revived for future generations. Individual competency is inspired by one’s social identity and requires one to be conscious of his or her roots and respect his cultural background.

Mrs. Lakshmi Pratury, Founder and CEO, INK, in conversation with Mrs. Sudha Murty, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation, to one of the questions, Mrs. Murty crisply responded that it is only mother’s love, which comes free of cost in this world.  She stressed upon the understanding and the support that the husband and wife should have for each other for happy living.   She said that one should not be scared, when one is legally and ethically right. All our actions should be for common good and for common people of the society. One cannot sit in arm chair and solve common man’s problems; it can happen only when people identify with a common personality, she added. She suggested students to excel in academics along with building self-confidence and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. She wanted students to accept failures in their life, which makes them stronger.

As part of young innovator’s talk, Mrs. Anshulika Dubey said that how learning can be done through entertainment /stories/ dances, far better way than the traditional learning system.

Shri Mekin Maheswari, Founder, Udhyam said that intrinsic motivation should be guiding your life goals.

Shri Harish Dwarakanhalli, President, Wipro, said that emphasis should be given for fundamentals and life skills to achieve success in one’s career.

Ten alumni of the PES institution have been felicitated for their remarkable contribution to society by Dr. Roopa Suresh, Associate Medical Director- PESIMSR, Kuppam and PESUIMSR, Bengaluru.

Prof. Jawahar Doreswamy, Pro-Chancellor of PES University welcomed the august gathering.

The day's celebration ended with a musical performance by Shankar- Mahadevan team.