How can I stay motivated to study during pandemic?

How can I stay motivated to study during pandemic?

Are we in a life threatening situation?​

No, As per current data, global mortality rate of COVID19 is around 5% or only 50 people could die out of 1000 (For India its around: 2.9%). remaining 950+ people will recover with the help of adequate medical care​

Just imagine you are one among those 950+ people!​

Nevertheless, make sure you are following strictly all the guidelines regarding COVID19 like hygiene practice, social distancing, staying at home, etc

What ‘if I get affected’ by COVID19?​

Follow the guidelines of GOI regarding COVID19 issued from time to time.​

Be aware of your feelings like guilt, regret etc. These feelings make you feel depressed and affect your recovery rate​

Focus on your strength to fasten your recovery.​

Kindly note that what ‘if I don’t get affected’​ (bcz, ‘what if’ is anxiety eliciting thinking pattern!)​

Watch your emotions: Your fear could escalate your perception of the risk involved and anger makes you perceive the risk less, makes you highly vulnerable ​

What if one of my parent get affected…​

Again anxiety eliciting thinking pattern!! ​Drop the thought process​

If they get affected by COVID19, still I ask you to stay calm and follow guidelines and do as per the medical advice ​

Remember that you are not alone. The entire Government machinery/medical fraternity is with you or with your parent in the recovery process!​

Am I doing enough to prevent it?​

Do as much as possible! Hand hygiene, social distancing…​

Remember that no human being can change his habit suddenly!​

It takes lot of effort in terms of being aware of it, stay calm, practice it again and again​

Stay calm and slow down!( I emphasize stay calm because your anxiety will make you do the opposite, where you touch your eyes, nose and mouth more often!)​

Feel that you are under control. Feeling of loss of control makes you feel guilty, hopeless and worthless​

How to improve my immunity?

It takes time and it is a gradual process!​

Nutritious food, sleep, exercises, and positive thinking will take time to enhance your immunity​

Not to worry: Doing some thing is better than nothing! Start now and feel good within yourself!​

Media attention!​

We talk about the importance of media in the society, and nation’s development. But the irony is too much of media exposure-especially digital and social media will make you feel distressed​

The research says that people with the highest exposure to media coverage of negative incidents experienced more acute stress than who actually exposed to the real incidents!!​

So lesser the media, higher your ability to study!​

Motivation to study depends…​

Your performance will be high, if your course matches:​

Interest (passion)​

Aptitude (your CET/PESSAT score, approximately)​

Personality & Discipline​

Set goals: Both short term and long term​

Be SMART!!!!!

Short term goals depends upon:​

Your goals should be realistic​

Make your goal as much as specific​

It must be measurable​

Some body must have achieved it or achievable!​

Sufficient time should be there to achieve​

5R for effective studying

Read for 45-50 minutes and take break for 5 minutes​

Recollect - Write down few points/formulas or use mind mapping​

Reflect: reflect upon a what you have read after every concept or paragraph​

Revise- after the end of every study period and at the end of the day, every week, etc​

Reward-Yourself with a compliment, sweets, snacks or anything you like​

Take it as a challenge!

Whatever I had given is research based and it will help you a lot​

If you don’t understand, call me or other counselors​

We are available on:​

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Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Take Care​