"HACMAN" wins big at Smart India Hackathon, 2022!

"HACMAN" wins big at Smart India Hackathon, 2022!

CIE is very proud to share that a team of 6 Fifth semester PES students, were declared winners of the Smart India Hackathon 2022 for their problem statement category.

Smart India Hackathon 2022 has been considered the biggest hackathon in the world, with 15 lakh participants across the country, out of which 12,000 got selected for the Grand Finale, with less than a 1% selection ratio. It was held at 75 different nodal centers across the country, from J&K to Tamil Nadu. Its aim was to cultivate innovation among the students of India. There was a total of 476 problem statements in a variety of domains including health, aviation, agriculture, and others, with each domain awarding a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the particular domain winner.

Students had to go through a rigorous selection process over the past 4 months to have their names on the Finale list. Ten teams are selected from each university, including PES University, to compete with other hundreds of teams from different universities and finally, a shortlist is prepared for the Finale.

This year two teams from PES University got into the Grand Finale, HACMAN being one of them. This team of 6 fifth-semester students from CS, ECE, and EEE, was led by Om Divyatej, a 5th Sem student from EEE. This team worked on the problem statement of "Improving fitness experience". They were called to Ernakulam, Kerela, one of the 75 Nodal Centers across India, for the 36-hours hackathon, that was held on the 25th and August 26, 2022. They were declared winners for their problem statement category, competing against the other final teams, and were awarded the cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000 for their domain category. The team was elated to represent PES at SIH 2022 and made PES University proud. 

The Team details are given below:

  1. Team Name: HACMAN
  2. Team Members :
  • Om Divyatej - EEE 5th Sem, Team Leader
  • Pratyush Kumar - EEE 5th Sem
  • Joseph Alwin Kulathara Ajimon - CSE 5th Sem
  • Mohammed Anas Danish - CSE 5th Sem
  • Sai Nagendran J - ECE 5th Sem
  • Poorvi Raddi - ECE 5th Sem