Colloquium on Emerging Domain Innovation and Technology for Society

Colloquium on Emerging Domain Innovation and Technology for Society

PES University in collaboration with IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) Bangalore, conducted the fourth Ph.D. Colloquium on Emerging Domain Innovation and Technology for Society (PhD EDITS 2022) on November 5th, 2022. The colloquium was sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and Analog Devices. PhD EDITS is an initiative to accentuate the need for research outreach to a wider scientific community and to the society at large. The aim was to bring together a highly motivated community of Ph.D. scholars in all areas of technology with their peers in the industry. The scholars participating were provided with the opportunity to present their research work in the form of an extended abstract on all aspects of engineering and technology in ICT related domains. Their work was reviewed by a panel of experts from the relevant field of work and they were provided beneficial feedback and constructive criticism for their ongoing research. 

The guest of honor and Chair of IEEE ComSoc Bangalore, Dr. Ganesan Thiagarajan delivered a speech highlighting the key points about the IEEE Communication Society and the initiatives by ComSoc Bangalore such as Ph.D. EDITS, Protsahan, ComCup, and Research Methodology workshops.

The first keynote address titled India’s Quest to Become a Developed Nation: Technological Opportunities in the Challenges, was delivered by Dr. Chandrakanta Kumar, Senior Scientist, ISRO. He presented a brief economic analysis of India and China and spoke about the importance of financing the agriculture sector and how technological innovations can solve economical and agricultural problems. He concluded the presentation by highlighting the importance of communication and cultural exchanges between technical experts and nontechnical artists such as the ones that took place between Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore during the 1930s. The first session featured five papers presented online. The panelists for this session were Mr. Kausik Sankar of Svasthiya Technologies Private Limited, Dr. Sheeba Kumari of Tejas Networks, Mr. Subhas Mondal of HFCL, Dr. Prem Kumar Ramesh of Qualcomm and Mr. Anand A N of Tejas Networks. The panelists provided useful suggestions besides appreciating the work done by the authors. 

The second session started with a keynote address titled The Why and How of peer review, The Backbone of Publication by Dr. Navin Kumar, Steering committee member, PhD EDITS and Professor and Head, Dept. of ECE, ASE, Bangalore. Dr. Navin spoke about the importance of writing a technical paper in an intelligent manner and how that assists in ensuring that the review process goes smoothly. He provided guidelines to writing a good abstract and shared points on how to structure the introduction and the concluding parts of the paper. 

Following the keynote address, the presentations were divided into two parallel tracks. The panelists for this session were Mr. Kausik Sankar, Dr. Sheeba Kumari, Dr. Ganesan Thiagarajan of MMRFIC Technology, Mr. Anand M of C-DoT, Mr. Anindya Saha of Saankhya Labs and Mr. Samir K Satapathy of TCS. The panelists and speakers provided feedback to the colloquium organizers and appreciated the opportunity to steer the technical developments and innovation in the research community. Suggestions were made to include panelists from the mathematics department due to involvement of mathematics in such research work. The colloquium concluded with a valedictory session, where all participants were provided certificates of participation and student volunteers were given certificates of appreciation. Prof. Richa Tengshe, General Co-chair, thanked the Management of PES University for facilitating the conduct of the event. She expressed her gratitude to all the panelists, speakers, organizing committee members, and student volunteers for their active involvement in making the event a success. 

Steering committee member and Professor of ECE, Dr. Shikha Tripathi briefed about Ph.D. EDITS 2022 and the uniqueness of this colloquium. Registrar of PES University, Dr. K S Sridhar, addressed the colloquium. He congratulated the organizing committee and expressed his well wishes for a successful event. Dean Research, Dr. Sudarshan TSB, addressed the gathering and gave insight into the upcoming events of the University. The event was an enriching experience for all those who were part of it as organizers, participants, speakers, panelists and the general audience. Colloquium on Emerging Domain Innovation and Technology for Society was held at RR campus and online on November 5, 2022.