December 05, 2022

Volunteering to celebrate children


The school kids of higher primary government school enthusiastically participated in activities of hopscotch, frog race, jump in- jump out, relay with balloons, bursting balloon, dance and singing conducted by PES volunteers. Mind games like Simon says, multiples of five, repeating the alphabets of Kannada and English in reverse order tested the kids’ presence of mind. The winners in the games were awarded notebooks, pens, pencils and sharpeners as prizes. Volunteers painted the name board and compound wall of the school. After the activities, the school kids displayed placards with Kannada letters of alphabets and sang Naadageethe. To commemorate Children's Day the school kids were given chocolate, crayon box and pen and treated to a healthy lunch. The celebrations were organized by the volunteers of CSR Club in collaboration with Kannada Koota at the higher primary government school at Veerabhadranagar in Bangalore on December 3, 2022.