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  • Certificate course Visualize - Discover your personal @PESU

    Department of Humanities and Performing Arts, RR Campus, PES University had organised a Certificate course " Visualize - Discover your personal" for students from April 17 - 21, 2023. 

    Personality development encompasses the dynamic construction and deconstruction of integrative characteristics that distinguish an individual in terms of interpersonal behavioral traits. This is a comprehensive program that uses the power of theatre to help individuals discover and enhance their true selves. The course was designed to help participants develop their confidence, communication skills, and overall personal development and enables them to understand themselves, the significance of being a team player, improve their listening skills, be positive, and inclusive & enjoy the moment through a series of interactive and engaging exercises and activities.

    The course was structured into several modules, each of which focuses on different aspects of theatre and personal development. Some of the key topics covered in the course include:

    • Improvisation: Learn how to think on your feet, respond at the moment, and build your spontaneity and creativity
    • Character Development: Understand how to create and develop compelling and authentic character
    • Stage Presence: Build your confidence and learn how to command the stage

    Dr. Sushma. S.V. Professor, Department of Performing Arts conducted the Workshop successfully. Students enjoyed the sessions.

    Students enjoyed the course and were able to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Expert talk on mentoring

    Psychiatrist and author Dr. C.R. Chandrashekhar elaborated on the need for mentoring in this era of digital and social media overload and said, “I did medical and later started writing articles on medical and psychological issues, the credit goes to my mentors during my college days, who explored my hidden talents and made me take the right path”. He also spoke on the influence of food, environment, and hormones on growth and academic performance in adolescence and early adulthood. He observed that empathetic support and guidance are essential to nurture young minds in achieving their dreams and ambitions as well as to keep track of their harmful distractions. Dr. Chandrashekhar clarified the doubts by the members of the faculty about choosing and adapting the right mentoring approach. The department of Science and Humanities organized the expert talk for the faculty on mentoring on March 2, 2023 at RR campus.

  • National Science day Celebrations 2023

    The Department of Science and Humanities coordinated this year’s National Science day Celebrations 2023.

    On Feb 28 2023 - the occasion of the National Science Day, S & H department arranged a visit to the Department of Atomic Energy, Nyandahalli for interested students. DAE officials showcased their contribution in diverse fields of science and technology which was an eye opener for the students. The faculty from the S & H department accompanied the students.

    As in the previous year, PES University in association with Karnataka Association for the Advancement of Science, Bengaluru organized a special Lecture Series on the 2022 Nobel Prize winning Science topics, on 28th March 2023. The talks were organised at the Prof. MRD block auditorium and were well attended.

    The event was flagged off by Dr. J. Suryaprasad, Vice Chancellor and Dr. K. S. Sridhar Registrar PES University. 

    This was followed by a keynote address by Prof. K. Siddappa President, Karnataka Association for the Advancement of Science, Bengaluru and EX. VC of Bangalore University on the topic ‘Sir CV Raman and Science in India’ which outlined the life and achievements of Sir CV Raman and the culture of scientific research gained momentum in the country.

    Dr. H. N. Mahesh, Professor Department of Electronic Science, Bangalore University delivered the first invited talk on ‘Applications of Quantum Entanglement ‘ – an eye opener for many interested to know how the concepts of quantum mechanics has emerged in the forefront of every technology.

    Dr. A. T. Biju Professor, Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru gave an invigorating talk on how the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry stitched together very significant observations in the past to get to their prize winning work. The talk was on ‘From 1, 3 - Dipolar Cycloaddition to Click Chemistry and Bioorthogonal Chemistry: Novel Annulation for Nobel Prize!

    The concluding invited talk on ‘Understanding the significance of sequencing ancient DNA and the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2022‘ by Prof. Utpal S. Tatu Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, IISc threw light on the importance of DNA sequencing of fossils of the past has relevance to developments in medicine. Prof. Utpal encouraged students of PES University to visit his labs and get opportunities for conducting research on these interesting topics.

    Prof. S. Radhakrishnan Chairperson (Physics cycle) welcomed the gathering and Prof. B. C. Prabhakar, Secretary KAAS proposed a vote of thanks.


    Inauguration of First Year classes for B.Tech and B.Des programs of PES University was held at the PES University campus. Sri Doshi Jayakumar, Chief Information Officer, British Telecom, an alumnus of PES Institute of Technology was the chief guest on the occasion. In his address, Sri Jayakumar advised parents to understand their children, who are in the era of digital communication. Mr. Jayakumar recalled many incidents and experiences of his journey in PESIT, which is the inspiration for the present audience. He urged students to remember the five Ps, which could transform their careers in PES. Understanding peer pressure and not getting succumbed to it, good performance which will help in building their resume, changing procrastination attitude to focus on their goals, playing bold, and lastly planning what they wanted to do in their career. He emphasized that there are plenty of opportunities for today's youth to upgrade their skills

    In his presidential address, Dr. M.R. Doreswamy, Chancellor of PES University said that education at PES University inculcates in students a sense of nation-building activity apart from awarding degrees. He informed the gathering that the University has distributed merit scholarships to students to the tune of Rs. 40 Crores as since its inception in 2014. PES has kept up its commitment to providing quality and value-based education. He advised students to have Sir M Visvesvaraya and Dr. Abdul Kalam as role models in their lives. He also mentioned that PES University has included Sir M Visvesvaraya's biography as a topic of study for all students. He advised students to develop the habit of reading books and making books with their friends. He said that success depends on not only securing good grades but also inculcating values in oneself. He advised students to adopt the practice of giving back to society and insisted on following the principles of "care and share" in their life. He acknowledged the role of teachers in the life of a student and that they must salute the teachers and parents for what they are today.

    Dr. J.Surya Prasad, Vice Chancellor, and Prof. Ajoy Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of the University were also present. Dr. K.S Sridhar. The Registrar of the University proposed the welcome address and Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, Chairperson of the Department of Science and Humanities rendered the vote of thanks. Prof. CNR merit scholarships were distributed to meritorious students by the dignitaries.

    Prof. D. Jawahar, Pro-Chancellor held an orientation session for all the first-year students highlighting the important information about the University and the practices students need to follow to become successful in life.


    On the occasion of national science day, the Department of Science and Humanities organised a talk by Dr. Koteswara Rao, Distinguished Scientist and Former Scientific Secretary, Indian Space Research Organisation. National Science Day is celebrated in the Indian subcontinent every year on 28 February to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on every year 28 February 1928, who later won the Nobel prize for his accomplishment. Dr. Rao remembered Sir CV Raman and his contribution to modern science and spoke on the excitement in space science and technology. Rao's talk varied from scientific background of human quest and their origin to a series of indigenous satellite launches such as Chandrayan1, MOM, Chandrayan 2, Adithya L1 and other significant projects in the field of Astro-science. The students were spellbound during his talk and expressed their joy in listening to the scientific lecture.

    Mr. Paramahamsa, Senior Scientist and Project Manager of DRDO thanked PES University management, Faculty, and students for the successful launch of the R-satellite Sindhunetra,this day, last year and successfully completing one year in space and has been functioning well.

    Mr. Tejas, student of first year engineering, who has developed a mini oxygen plant, shared his success story of developing the oxygen plant.

    Prof. Anitha of the department of Science and Humanities rendered the vote of thanks. Earlier, Head of Physics department Dr. S. Radhakrishnan welcomed the dignitaries and audience. Registrar of PES University Dr. K.S. Sridhar, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. V. Krishna and Director of CORI lab Dr. Nagendra Rao and all the faculty of the department of science and humanities and students attended the function.

  • How can I stay motivated to study during pandemic?

    Are we in a life threatening situation?​

    No, As per current data, global mortality rate of COVID19 is around 5% or only 50 people could die out of 1000 (For India its around: 2.9%). remaining 950+ people will recover with the help of adequate medical care​

    Just imagine you are one among those 950+ people!​

    Nevertheless, make sure you are following strictly all the guidelines regarding COVID19 like hygiene practice, social distancing, staying at home, etc

    What ‘if I get affected’ by COVID19?​

    Follow the guidelines of GOI regarding COVID19 issued from time to time.​

    Be aware of your feelings like guilt, regret etc. These feelings make you feel depressed and affect your recovery rate​

    Focus on your strength to fasten your recovery.​

    Kindly note that what ‘if I don’t get affected’​ (bcz, ‘what if’ is anxiety eliciting thinking pattern!)​

    Watch your emotions: Your fear could escalate your perception of the risk involved and anger makes you perceive the risk less, makes you highly vulnerable ​

    What if one of my parent get affected…​

    Again anxiety eliciting thinking pattern!! ​Drop the thought process​

    If they get affected by COVID19, still I ask you to stay calm and follow guidelines and do as per the medical advice ​

    Remember that you are not alone. The entire Government machinery/medical fraternity is with you or with your parent in the recovery process!​

    Am I doing enough to prevent it?​

    Do as much as possible! Hand hygiene, social distancing…​

    Remember that no human being can change his habit suddenly!​

    It takes lot of effort in terms of being aware of it, stay calm, practice it again and again​

    Stay calm and slow down!( I emphasize stay calm because your anxiety will make you do the opposite, where you touch your eyes, nose and mouth more often!)​

    Feel that you are under control. Feeling of loss of control makes you feel guilty, hopeless and worthless​

    How to improve my immunity?

    It takes time and it is a gradual process!​

    Nutritious food, sleep, exercises, and positive thinking will take time to enhance your immunity​

    Not to worry: Doing some thing is better than nothing! Start now and feel good within yourself!​

    Media attention!​

    We talk about the importance of media in the society, and nation’s development. But the irony is too much of media exposure-especially digital and social media will make you feel distressed​

    The research says that people with the highest exposure to media coverage of negative incidents experienced more acute stress than who actually exposed to the real incidents!!​

    So lesser the media, higher your ability to study!​

    Motivation to study depends…​

    Your performance will be high, if your course matches:​

    Interest (passion)​

    Aptitude (your CET/PESSAT score, approximately)​

    Personality & Discipline​

    Set goals: Both short term and long term​

    Be SMART!!!!!

    Short term goals depends upon:​

    Your goals should be realistic​

    Make your goal as much as specific​

    It must be measurable​

    Some body must have achieved it or achievable!​

    Sufficient time should be there to achieve​

    5R for effective studying

    Read for 45-50 minutes and take break for 5 minutes​

    Recollect - Write down few points/formulas or use mind mapping​

    Reflect: reflect upon a what you have read after every concept or paragraph​

    Revise- after the end of every study period and at the end of the day, every week, etc​

    Reward-Yourself with a compliment, sweets, snacks or anything you like​

    Take it as a challenge!

    Whatever I had given is research based and it will help you a lot​

    If you don’t understand, call me or other counselors​

    We are available on:​

    Dr. Vijendra Kumar: 9741056503,

    Prof. Ancy Mathew: 9449616912,

    Mrs. Bharathi Shah: 9845366460,

    Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & Take Care​

  • Inter-department Volleyball competition

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering won the inter-department Volleyball competition and Department of Science and Humanities emerged as runner up. The contest in which 9 teams participated was held at EC campus from Feb 3-5, 2020.

  • Science needs to focus on solving social problems Dr. M.R. Doreswamy at EPSILON 2019

    Epsilon 2019, an intercollegiate Science Fest was organized by the Department of Science and Humanities of PES University on the University premises. The event was inaugurated by the Chancellor of PES University Dr. M.R. Doreswamy. Dr. Doreswamy, in his speech, said that the students need to be encouraged to solve social problems through discovering the new things. Vice Chancellor of PES University Dr. KNB Murthy said that this year's science fest is a 17th version of its kind and thanking the faculty for their consistency and commitment for making it a success. 20+ Colleges participated with more than 1000 participants from Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The events organized in this year's science Fest - EPSILON 2019 were Quantum Computing, Math Olympiad, Poster Presentation, Science Exhibition, Ted Talk Competition, Science Theatre, Science Film, Junk Yard wars and Science Quiz. Prof. Lata Pasupalety, Chairperson, Department of Science and Humanities welcomed the guests, participants and audience. Dr. S.R. RadhaKrishnan, Head of the Department, Science and Humanities, rendered the vote of thanks.